November 27, 2010

Family Holiday Movie Night-Elf

Son of a nutcracker!  Elf is really one of my favorite Christmas movies.  It’s a three way tie between that one, A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  Elf is just pure comic Christmas gold.  It’s family friendly and full of fun Christmas lore with an important message about the power of believing.

And, it’s hilarious.

Dinner, tonight, to go with Elf is spaghetti-just like Buddy shared with his family in the movie.  Of course, we won’t be putting maple syrup on it  or crumbling Pop Tarts up on top

Our Elf themed dessert was inspired by this elf cookie recipe from Taste of Home. I did NOT use refrigerated sugar cookie dough (Martha wouldn’t, so I don’t).  I made this really simple, but really tasty sugar cookie recipe from (my fave recipe website).  I did, however, use the taste of home recipe for glaze for our elf cookie hats.

Also, I ended up using a Santa cookie cutter we already have.  I didn’t have a diamond cutter and couldn’t see a reason to buy one.

Our Elf themed craft are these pine cone elves from Martha.  We made some modifications (no shoes!  No wooden balls for heads! and strings on the back for hanging on our playroom Christmas tree).

I think they’re still adorable.

As an aside, OMG! Isn't my baby ADORABLE!

Littlebit with her elvish brood

The Princess with hers.

One thing I will say is that this craft wasn’t particularly kid friendly.  It called for hot glue and fiddly work.  Littlebit still had fun cutting string and pipe cleaners, but if you have a kid who really needs to be hands on, you might want to reconsider this craft, and choose something like this paper craft from DLTK kids.

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    Those elf cookies are sooo cute!

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