November 20, 2010

Family Holiday Movie Night-Fred Claus

I feel at this point that it would be redundant to tell you about how much I love Christmas.  That’s obvious, right?  And while I keep myself in check and don’t decorate until the week of Thanksgiving, it’s never to early to start partaking in another one of my favorite Christmas activities.

Christmas Movies!

Yes, the DVR will be getting a work out as the Princess and I make sure not to miss the best of the, admittedly, schmaltzy Christmas movies they play on ABC Family and the Hallmark channel.    We have a collection of Christmas movies and cartoons, of course, and to make sure we actually get to watch them this year, I’ve decided to implement a holiday movie night.  As we did with Curious George, we’ve made a craft and had a snack and I’ll be serving a themed dinner as well.

Since the North Pole is cold, we had soup for dinner.  It was hard to decide what kind to make because we’re a fan of so many, but I basically went out to and made the best rated soup I could find (without digging too far or getting too obsessive).  I did reject Taco soup because, well, the North pole is north of the border.  Not south.  I landed on Delicious Ham and Potato soup. It’s very well reviewed and since it was mostly white (like snow!  Which they have at the North Pole!) I thought it was a good choice.  We really liked it and it was similar in flavor to our favorite soup (which I wrote about here. It takes the number one slot!) without as much fat and calories.  No heavy cream.  No bacon.

While our dessert was baking and the soup was simmering,  the big girls and I made Santa door hangers.

The Princess’s

Littlebit’s for the room she shares with Baby Bee.

(see those tiny hands going for Santa!  That’s why I used craft foam!)

We got the pattern from the door hanger from  However, I knew that paper door hangers wouldn’t last long, so we bought craft foam from Joann’s.  I also bought foam adhesive that is sold along with the foam.  There were small sheets of sticky dots that adhered the foam.  It worked SO much better than glue.

I used the pattern, cut out the pieces and we traced them onto the foam.  It was simple. (I cut and Littlebit assembled).

But, the Pièce de résistance? The santa cake!  I googled, um, Santa Claus desserts.  I found the original picture at Happy Home Baking and followed her links to the Japanese site. Don’t know how to make chocolate curls?  Oddly enough, you can check out this Youtube video by Redbook for an easy to follow tutorial.

We had to use coconut, however, for Santa’s beard becuase I didn’t find peanut free white chocolate.  That was okay, of course, but if you can use white chocolate I would encourage it!  And you could probably use raspberries if you’re not a fan of strawberries.  It would look cute that way too.

I made and iced the cake and The Princess and Littlebit decorated it with Baby Bee helping.

It was pretty good.  And cute!

I’m really looking forward to sharing my other Holiday themed family movie nights with you, so be sure to check back!

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