November 12, 2010

Link Love

It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve shared some of my stumbled upon favorites.  I’m collecting some goodies for a Thanksgiving themed one next week, but until then here are some recent favorites.  Enjoy!

Love Dr. Seuss?  Mental Floss shares ten stories behind your favorites. As an aside, I’ve never read nor heard of The Butter Battle Book.  I may need to look for it at the library

Love fancy scarves but you’re not very knitty?   Check out Today’s Mama for two adorable no-knit scarf tutorials. I’m still wearing my “potato chip” scarf and my “I’m-a-big-nerd-check-out-my-Gryffendor-scarf” scarf, but a new scarf might need to happen this year

You might be using cloth or canvas grocery bags, but are you still using plastic produce bags?  Tried and True has a reusable produce bag tutorial so you can leave those plastic bags behind for good.

I love lemony things and these Lemon Melting Moments from Itty Bitty Kitchen look divine.   Divine.

These sunflower cookies are simply adorable.  Leave it to Make and Takes to have something so easy and adorable.

Okay, I admit that I’m not the hugest broccoli and cauliflower fan, but this recipe for roasted vegetables with shells and goat cheese dressing?  Well, I think I could choke down some broccoli for that.

I love this book apron from Instructables. A few of my cookbooks are in miserable shape due to cooking splatters and other incidents.  Of course, it’s super easy to find my favorite recipes.

Dollar Store Crafts does it again.  This time with an ADORABLE no-sew felt playhouse!

These spelling bean bags are adorable and Chez Beeper Bebe has patterns for not only the alphabet bean bags, but numbers as well.

The weather is forecast to be beautiful here this weekend and we’re going to be snatching every bit of mild weather we can get, but hopefully you’ve found something to do here to keep you busy during the winter doldrums.

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    Those scarves are fantastic. I wish I had a sewing machine just to make one. Great gift idea for Christmas.

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      I agree. Plus, I have quite a few knitted scarves, but some non-knitted ones to mix it up might be fun.

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      THanks for stopping by, Heather. I think that play house might have to go on the after Christmas to-do list to give the girlies something to do during the cold weather.

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    I just got around to looking at Link Love. You have an extra “h” at the beginning of the produce bag link. Drove me nuts when the page wouldn’t open – had to figure it out. :D

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      That’s funny, because I usually cut and paste the links. I’ll go back and edit it so it’s correct. Thanks!

      Are you making them? Let me know how they work?

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