November 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

We’ve had a bit of a warm up over the past week.  It’s a little bit exciting and gave me some time to get a little bit of much needed yard work finished.  Littlebit still remarks every day, as she looks out on the frost, that it’s almost snow.  Big Daddy bought the snow shovel last week, so I guess we’re officially ready.


Sloppy Toms and Sweet Potato Fries

(sweet potato fries are very delicious and extra yummy.  If you’ve never tried them, you should and even though the above recipe is Paula Dean’s it’s pretty healthy.)


Beef and vegetable casserole

Very good.  Everyone liked it.  You have to let it set after it comes out of the oven.  Otherwise, it’s hella runny.


Salisbury steak and mashed redskin potatoes with veggies


Um….yeah.  We had take out.


Pizza and movie night!  The Princess and I have been watching Harry Potter in preparation for the release of The Deathly Hallows.


A very special holiday themed family movie night.  Check back in on Saturday for our menu, craft, movie and dessert!


Chicken Oregnao, asparagus and couscous.

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    We’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies too. Tonight we started number 5.

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      The worst thing about those movies is how long they are. They’re hard to fit in after dinner on a school night, but I love them anyhow. ;)

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