November 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It’s Thanksgiving week!  The gateway to Christmas!  Quit booing and hissing!  EMBRACE IT!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m writing my Monday menu plans from our last week’s menus.  That way, if we run across a stinker, you won’t be too tempted to make it for your family.  While most of you will be posting menu plans that include a big Turkey dinner on Thursday and left overs Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday this is from last week.   So, no Turkey ideas.  Sorry


Poor Big Daddy had a work crisis and we didn’t get to eat dinner together.  That’s very, very rare in our household.  We eat dinner as a quintet six days a week.  On the seventh day, Littlebit is with Auntie Awesome

Pumpkin chili with cornbread

(Honestly, the Princess and I were kind of meh on this recipe and Littlebit wouldn’t eat it at all.  Big Daddy said it was reminiscent of Cincinnati chili and it was, but it wasn’t spicy or sweet enough.  So, if you really want a different tasting chili, just make Cincinnati chili and skip this one).


Oven fried chicken, couscous and asparagus

(I just use flour and whatever spices I like.  This makes a REALLy good chicken. It’s extra tasty when you’re using skin on chicken, but it’s even awesome skinless).


Rotisserie chicken, potato salad and grilled veggies


We had take out.  The Princess and I watched Paranormal State for hours and Littlebit stayed with Auntie Awesome.


Pizza night!


A special dinner for our second Holiday Family Movie Night.  Check in next Saturday


We’ve never had THanksgiving with Big Daddy’s family. I have no idea what they cook, but I know what I like.  This is our just in case meal, meaning just in case they don’t make the things I like, I still get to eat them

Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls and green bean casserole.

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

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    Oven roasted chicken sounds great… I will have to give it a try! Too bad the pumpkin chilli didn’t turn out, I was intrigued…


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      You know, if we hadn’t eaten and enjoyed Cincinnati chili, we probably would have liked the pumpkin chili. But it was similar enough to Cincinnati chili for it to stand out how i was different (if that makes sense).

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    Pumpkin chili! I’m intrigued.

    I love couscous, and darn it, now I wanna go make some…

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      You should give it a try. You might like it/ It’s not really ingredient intensive or difficult.

      I LOVE couscous. It goes with everything.

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