November 10, 2010

The Right Tools

Two weeks ago, I talked about my daily cleaning routine. Keeping up with that list of chores keeps the house mostly neat and orderly.  It’s not perfect, but it’s usually company ready.

The Saturday before Halloween we had a pumpkin carving party.  I had a semi-smart idea to lay down newspapers on the floor, but should have coupled that with a really smart idea and put down drop cloths under the newspaper.  On Sunday morning the kitchen floor was horrifying.  Big Daddy and I set at getting the pumpkin seeds and guts off of the floor, but our old steam mop wasn’t cutting it.

In all honesty, the old steam mop really hadn’t been cutting it downstairs for some time.  Our kitchen, laundry room, powder room and foyer is all tile.  The tile is textured.  Dirt gets caught in the crevices.  Big Daddy and I have scrubbed the floor on our hands and knees.  Because the steam mop couldn’t get in the crevices.

On that Sunday morning, Big Daddy decided that it was time for us to upgrade our floor cleaning system.  He hemmed and hawed and we hit the car to buy the Hoover Floormate.*

That afternoon, Big Daddy set to cleaning the floors and the floormate?  It works great.

My point, though, isn’t only about how well the floormate works.  It’s about how having the right tools can make your life (and house work process) so much easier.  I use clorox wipes.  I know they’re expensive.  I know that I could probably do the job as well with spray and a rag.  But I don’t like those things.  I like grabbing a couple of clorox wipes when I wipe up the bathroom or counters. I like that they’re contained.  I like the way they smell (green color is my favorite followed by yellow). I  like that I can leave a container of each under the sink in the bathroom.  That tool makes wipe ups easier. I can hand one to the big girls and let them wipe up too.

It’s time to look at your routines.  What things are being made harder by your process?  Are you back tracking a lot?  Are you working harder than you need to?

As a messy, I want to make sure I say the following.  There is no way to do housework that doesn’t involve you working.  Well, that’s not true.    You could hire a maid.  If you can’t afford to hire a full time maid, there’s no way that you can do housework without doing it.  I don’t like housework.  But since I like the house clean, don’t want to be on Hoarders and don’t want people scared when they come over, I’ve worked to stream line the process to make it as un labor intensive as possible.  Which, is really, the ultimate lazy girls’ way to clean house.

*In the spirit of full disclosure,  Big Daddy and I bought and paid for our own floormate.  Hoover didn’t provide one for us.  We got nothing free.  This is my own personal opinion of something we bought with our own money.  I think that covers the disclosure thing? I buy clorox wipes all by myself too.

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