December 31, 2010

Very Good

Dear 2010,

I have had some bad years in the past.  Years I’m not going to drag up at this time.  It’s really not your fault they sucked so much.  They just did.  But you?  Oh, 2010 you were a great year.

On the surface, we were all healthy.  No one died (look, this is HUGE.  I’ve had years where I’ve had to attend two funerals in a week. Mere days apart).

Big Daddy?  I’m as much in love with him as ever.  Probably even more.  He’s my chi.

The Princess?  She’s growing and learning.  Her grades are excellent.  I see the woman she is going to be and that woman is going to rock.  And be a little eccentric, but I don’t think that’s a bad quality.

We were given a great gift in serendipitous circumstances for Littlebit.   The right place and the right people at the right time.  I have no doubt, 2010, that you won’t stand up as a transitional year for her.  When the answers began to outweigh the questions.

Baby Bee turned a whole year old.  And having someone so sweet and engaging and busy and CRAZY as the final part of our family just seems right.  She’s so brave and fearless.  Thank you, 2010, for working to ensure that she didn’t break much and certainly didn’t break anything on herself.

Our new home is all we wanted.  Our new location all we hoped for.  The reduced stress a welcome addition.  It’s nice to stop feeling trapped, stuck, stagnant.  It’s nice to move forward.  It’s nice to see the future opening up in front of us like a beautiful flower.  I’m excited and hopeful for what’s to come.  For Big Daddy and me and our lovely trio of girls.

Thank you, 2010.  I really couldn’t have asked for me.



p.s. If you could put in a good word for us with 2011?  I’d appreciate it.

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    I love reading what you write… keep it up…the writing and photography….can’t wait to see what 2011 brings to your camera and your words.
    hugs…miss you!

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