January 27, 2011

New Ride

Big Daddy and I have spent time over the last few months discussing a new vehicle.  We are a one car family and sold our second car (a VW Passat wagon that we both LOVED) before we made our big move last summer.  At that time we flirted with the idea of trading in our mom-mobile on something we liked better, but opted to keep it.

Six months later, we were back to discussing vehicles again.  We were looking for something with better gas mileage than we got with our mini-van and possibly something with four wheel drive.  We also needed it to seat six to accommodate  our brood.   And we didn’t want to spend one MEELLION dollars on it.

You know if you input that criteria into a car finding search, you don’t get any hits at all.  There are no moderately priced cards with four wheel drive that seats six and gets good gas mileage.  FYI. In case you wondered.

We drove some cars.  A few SUVs which made me happy because I was all about getting RID of the mini-van, but neither of them were what we wanted.  A few nights ago, Big Daddy and I landed back at the Mazda 5.  We called the salesman at the local Mazda dealer and they had a great deal on a new 2010.  We went for a test drive on Tuesday and brought the car home that night.

(image from www.treehugger.com.  I would show you a picture of my actual car, but it’s night time as I right this and we drove it for a day so it’s not black anymore, but a salt color.)

Big Daddy and I have purchased a car we feel good about.  It’s greener than our old car.  It gets better gas mileage.  It’s smaller,but that’s okay.  We all fit (though we’ll need a car top carrier if we go on a prolonged trip).  The car is peppy and handles well and since we bought last year’s model, the incentives made the price irresistible.

The evolution of Big Daddy and my car buying process has been interesting to say the least.  When we married in 1999, Big Daddy had a Ford Mustang.  When the Princess came along in 2000 we realized our family of three really didn’t fit in a sports card, so we upgraded.

To a Dodge Duragno.

It was a beautiful car, but probably three times bigger than our little family needed.

In 2005 we traded in the Durango on a Chrysler Pacifica.  Smaller than the Durango, but still a lot of for a family of three.

In 2008 we traded in the Pacifica on a Volkswagon Passat stationwagon.  Our smallest car since the Mustang!  We fit great and loved our little car, but then we found out that Baby Bee was on the way and in December 2008, we bought the mom-mobile.

The point I’m making, is that for a while Big Daddy and I bought pretty cars that were often too big and more than we needed (money and space wise) and that cost us more in money and gas.  It feels good to have exactly what fits our family and not much more.  If gas does, indeed, hit five dollars a gallon we can feel good about our lower gas bills too.


In the spirit of disclosure, sadly I had to buy my own car.  Mazda didn’t give me one, but if they WANT to, I really liked the CX9 too.

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