January 12, 2011

Playroom Redo-Stage 1

I am excited to write this post.  Not because it’s the greatest post I’ve ever written, but because an idea is finally come to fruition.  The Great Playroom Redo is UNDERWAY!

You probably don’t feel as excited about that as I do, but let me tell you, I’m THRILLED.

Our playroom is a great space.  Really.  It maybe well be my favorite place in the house (or it’s at least tied with the living room, which isn’t complete yet.  I’m waiting on some decor pieces before I’ll share).  I love the size.  I love that the girlies can do their things.  I love that we can sprawl out and be a family and not worry about messes and I love that it contains the girlies messes.  But our playroom?

It wasn’t lovely. I wish I had better pictures of the mess.  This picture was before the toys moved in…

…and here’s a shot taken during Littlebit’s Birthday so you can see how messy it was.

The playroom, though, made me feel a little loco.  It was impossible to clean.  Or keep clean.  Nothing had a place. We had minimal storage and my craft desk?  It had a TEEVEE on top of it.

Last week, I decided I wasn’t following my cleaning plan.  I was cleaning this house from top to bottom and that meant we were going to have to do  something about the playroom.  It entailed a lot of eyelash batting and a trip to Ikea for some Expedit shelves.


I have a lot more steps to go.  I’m not done yet!  I need a project table for the girls and a new craft desk for me.  We’ll be painting and making curtains and new pillows.  We’ll be adding a few accessories.  It’s really turning into the space I had hoped for.  One that is useful and will grow as our girls do.

And as an aside, the plan I had intended so many months ago is basically the plan we’re using now with a few changes.

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    That looks great! It’s amazing how much a couple little organized shelves can completely transform a room, eh? Also, wow, you are an awesome mom for giving such an incredible room to your girls as a playplace! I think I would be forced to hoard it all as MINEMINEMINE! lmao! Keep up the awesome job! =D

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      Giving the girls that room is a small price to pay for keeping the toys OUT of the family room downstairs. :)

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