January 5, 2011

Top Five Books of 2010

One thing I didn’t do enough of last year was read.  Reading is, really, my first love.  My first best friend.  I used to inhale books, but life and other priorities get in the way and this past year saw me read the least amount of books I’ve probably read since I could read.

This week, the Books-2010 page will disappear and will be replaced with Books-2011, but before I take that page down I thought I’d share my favorite books for the year.

In order:

1) The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks-Rebecca Skloot

This book is making best of lists for a reason.  I, frankly, have never read such an amazing, engaging non-fiction book.  The story is not only well written, it is truly profound.  Incredible to consider.  Honestly, I don’t like non-Fiction.  The fact that I picked a non-fiction book for my favorite of the year speaks to what kind of book this is.

2) The Help by Kathryn Stockett

There’s a reason why everyone you know has read this book.  It’s a good book.  The characters are engaging and the story is vibrant and well written.

3) American Gods by Neil Gaiman

It’s not a new book, but it ended up on my to-read list and I’m ever so glad it did.  IT’s an amazing, sweeping imaginative story and I do think it would be a great read alike for grown up Harry Potter fans

4) The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Books like this can go really, really wrong but this book was written so gently that it was just really, really right.

5) Life as We Knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Still thinking about this one weeks after reading it.  The follow up books were okay, but the first one?  Haunts me.

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