February 5, 2011

Eleven Years

Seems like such a long time.  It’s not, but it seems like it.  It’s hard to remember that eleven years ago, Big Daddy and I were waking up in a North Shore hospital on a snowy weekend.  I’d had trouble sleeping.  It felt like Christmas because she was waiting down the hall…

My baby.

My beautiful, blue eyed baby…

It seems like just an instant ago.  Just seconds when she was so small that she fit easily into my lap.  Now, she’s just about my height, with bigger feet.

Just an instant.  Just a few seconds ago.  A few heartbeats.  A few blinks.  My baby.

My beautiful, blue eyed baby.

She is a big sister.  A good student.  A good friend.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.   She works hard.    She is endearingly clumsy.  She is a princess.  She likes to manage things.  She likes to direct things. She likes to help.  She likes to be in charge.

She is a lot like me.  She is, frequently, the payback my parents probably wished on me.  She can be obstinate.  She can be bossy.  She is exacting and sometimes that’s maddening, but I think that will serve her well when she gets older and can deliver when it counts.

Last year, after the fish fiasco, we bought the Princess a hamster she named Kevin.  She LOVED Kevin.  In the spring, Kevin began to lose his hair.  We took Kevin to the vet.  The vet perscribed medicine.  The Princess gave medicine to Kevin every day.

Kevin improved a little, but stayed bald.  And really, really mean.  When we moved to Ohio we took Kevin back to the vet.  Kevin was diagnosed as being the oldest hamster ever.  The vet prescribed one drop of benedryll every other day.  The Princess cared for him faithfully for three months after he was declared the oldest hamster ever.  She gave him medicine every other day like clock work.  She loved him despite him being ugly, old and mean.

And that’s who the Princess is.

Happy Birthday, little one.  Our peanut.  Our Princess. Our beautiful blue eyed baby.

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