February 11, 2011

Little things I

I like making things.  Being crafty makes me feel all happy and peaceful.  I think I release some serious endorphins during craft time.  I also like to over achieve.  That’s probably not such a gift.

A few years ago, I crocheted 20 some odd mice for the Princess to give out for Valentine’s Day.

I still might do that again, for Littlebit and Baby Bee, but this year, Littlebit and I used my Ikea sillicone heart mold and used the muffin tin crayon concept to make this.

Two, little adorable heart shaped crayons, with best wishes from Littlebit.

But this project?  I love it.

You can find book wreaths all over the Internet, but this one is mine.  And I am in LOVE.

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5 thoughts on “Little things I

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    What a cute idea. Great use for those “broken” crayons. Did you do any of the multi-colored crayons? I loved when I saw you did those.

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      I tried to keep the colors the same this time. Some got swirled because I tipped the mold on accident when getting them out of the oven.

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    Love the crayons! We’ve made similar when my daughters were in preschool, and they were always a bit hit.

    BUT the mice are so stinking adorable! Love, love, love them! I wish I had some! I know I’m gushing, but they really are SO sweet. Could you please post (or email) the pattern? I’d like to try to make some of my own.

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    This is such a fun and sweet idea for valentines day!! Maybe i’ll attempt doing this next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

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      Thanks. It was really easy and looks great. :)

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