February 16, 2011

Martha, Martha, Martha

I love Martha Stewart.  That’s probably not a surprise. I like making things by hand.  I like taking things to the nth degree sometimes.  Martha’s crafts and recipes are usually wonderful and involve a lot of steps and ingredients.  They outcome is always wonderful, but the work?  It’s a nightmare sometimes.

A few years ago, I decided I was going to make ribbon stars for the Christmas tree.  After a million hours, I gave up.

The other day, I came across  a tutorial on Martha and I was smitten.  I had to make them.  So, the Princess and I (and Littlebit) sat down at the table before dinner and made this bounty of tissue paper pompoms.

We used them over the weekend for decorations for the Princess’s birthday slumber party and then we divided them up to hang in the girls’ rooms.  For the party, we had them flat so they looked like flowers, but  for hanging in the room Littlebit and Baby Bee share, I fluffed them into actual pompoms (ponpoms?)

Why did Martha make a decorating coup?  1) They’re easy to make.  The Princess could make them on her own 2) they’re cheap (a 4.99 package of tissue paper can make six.  Martha reccomends tying them with floral wire, but you could really use anything you had on hand, making each puff about $1) 3) they’re versitle.  We’ve used them for party and room decorations, but thanks to the array of colors tissue papers comes in, I think I’ll be making some to use as decor for the shower I’m co-hosting for my new sister-to-be.

So many times, Martha’s crafts, while beautiful, are complicated and expensive, so I was so happy to see this easily executable, inexpensive craft on her site.

FYI, this is another craft for the not so crafty people who want to be crafty.  They’re really impossible to mess up and they look like a million bucks.

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    Those are fantastic Jamie. I remember having these as kids, and we used to actually make them. They were a bug hit with little ones at the craft fairs in Indiana. What an absolutely great idea to use them for a slumber party or baby shower!!! I love it! I’m so happy you post crafts that are super cool and easy. Thanks for sharing! : )

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