February 15, 2011

Menu Plan Tuesday (living dangerously)-2011 Week 7

Since I totally flubbed up and forgot to post the picture of my book wreath on Friday, I thought it deserved it’s on post yesterday (since it was heart shaped and yesterday was Valentine’s Day), that means the menu plan got put off.  That’s okay.

Last week, we had Briami.  It was delicious!  It needed to cook for a long time (two hours) but it was so worth the time and effort.  Really.  In fact, we’re having it again this week with another discovered new favorite.

Monday Grilled steak, crash hot potatoes and asparagus.

Tuesday Garlic cheddar chiciken and briami

Wednesday slow cooker salsa chicken on tortillas with fiesta salad

Thursday Garlic Brown Sugar chicken

Friday Date night?  I’m thinking yes….

Saturday Baked Beef Round Steak smothered in Onion with sugar snap peas

Sunday Since the girlies have a long weekend, we’re spending the night away.

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