February 23, 2011

Snowday Hangover

The Princess and Littlebit have had six snow days this year.


At this point of the year, that’s about three more snow days than I’d have liked them to have.  They’ve stopped being fun.  They’ve stopped feeling like these clandestine, stolen moments.  My snow day creativity has worn thin.

Monday afternoon, it began to snow.  By Monday evening, we had several inches of accumulation on the driveway.  It took Big Daddy so long to shovel and it was snowing so hard that the snow started accumulating on the top of his head.  He came into the house looking like he’d just come out of the shower.  By morning?  Six inches?  8 inches had fallen and the Princess and Littlebit were off school again.

Pictures?  None.  The snow has stopped being charming.

Yes, I know it’s only February and I live in the Midwest and what, exactly, did I expect it to DO in February in the Midwest.  Well, I expected it to be cold and  to snow, but it was 60 last week and I liked that a lot better.  Winter is such a tease.

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