February 9, 2011

When I was five…

The other night, I added an old friend to facebook and I had a flash memory of her high school boyfriend.    It was this tiny, minute memory of my life in tenth grade.  While I was rocking Baby Bee to sleep, I realized that a lot of these tiny little memories that make up the total of my experience will fade as I get older.

And since I have this blog…

…oh you get me.

I started Kindergarten when I was barely five.  In 1981.

We went to Kindergarten all day every other day and every other Friday, which is probably the weirdest schedule ever, but it makes sense, if you think about it.

I loved my teacher so much that I wanted to BE a teacher.

We took naps on little carpet rectangles.  I’m not sure if I ever napped or not BUT, I had a vivid dream the year I turned five that celebrated my ability to dream in color.  Not in school.  At home.


I also had dream in which my Kindergarten teacher was naked.

I got a Merlin for Christmas and would play Red River Valley for my Great-Grandpa.  I’m pretty sure I’d still play with Merlin if I had one.

My brother was born when I was Kindgergarten.  I tried to block that part out.  I really wanted a sister.  We shared a bedroom with orange carpet.  I was afraid of the attic.

One day, the brother and I were playing in the bedroom and I was hanging my necklaces on a piece of wall decor.  A metal necklace fell off of the wall decor and landed over the prongs of my nighlight that was plugged into the wall.  There were sparks.  I picked up my brother and ran down the stairs.

I did NOT burn the house down.

That might also been the year I actually got coal in my stocking. Maybe the next year, but I got it.  Either way.  I also got a singing toothbrush which I’m betting my parents really regretted, but I think that was the year I was four.

I only had a bike at my grandparents.  There was no place to ride one at my house, but I did have a tire swing.

What do you remember about Kindergarten?  Or the year you were five?  Have you ever written it down?

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    It’s a bummer that you got coal in your sticking. I hope you received some presents under the tree!

    I don’t remember much about kindergarten, but I think it was 1980. And our house had bright blue carpet.

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      I got presents both in my stocking and under the tree, but getting that coal made a big impression, let me tell you! I’m pretty sure it was the year I was 6, though because my naughtiness probably had something to do with my brother. ;)

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    In kindergarten, my mom was pregnant. She wore a long puffy pink coat.

    Mom says she was spoken to because I didn’t nap during nap time. I remember spending nap time pretending I was a dinosaur. I stayed in my cot, and I was mostly quiet, but I was pretending to be a dinosaur.

    We moved to Crystal Lake. My bedroom had a framed picture of a kitten on the wall.

    I played Ariel in the Little Mermaid play. The teacher wanted all the parents in the audience to be quiet, but they were all talking. Finally, I yelled “BE QUIET!” and everyone shut up. I wasn’t supposed to kiss the boy who played the prince. But I did.

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      I’d have totally kissed Prince Eric too. ;)

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    I forgot all about Merlin until I saw that picture. Something about those round buttons.

    I also got a brother when I was in kindergarten. And then I got chickenpox, so I had to be banished from the house so the baby brother wouldn’t get it.

    Another thing I remember about kindergarten was on the first day, I took my teacher a bag of grapes because I thought an apple was so overdone and I wanted to be different. Also, I ended up sitting at a triangular table where the teacher’s biggest “troublemakers” sat. Me, Billy Buchanan and another boy.

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      I LOVE that your brought the teacher grapes! LOL! That’s priceless.

      I got Chicken pox when I was seven…and gave them to my baby brother. But he probably deserved it. ;)

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    I broke my inchworm.
    Le sigh.

    I also remember not understanding why, after I moved, it was so taboo to play with yourself.


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