March 24, 2011

All Wrapped Up in a Chain Letter

Yesterday morning, my eyes bleary, I heard my phone chirp alerting me to a text message.  I fumbled for the phone and read a message from the Princess, who was forwarding a text chain letter to me.  Realizing she didn’t need me, I curled back up with Baby Bee for thirty more minutes of precious, precious sleep.

In the afternoon, Baby Bee and I were playing and I noticed I had an unread text message in my inbox.  I opened it up and it was from the Princess.  The message said:


I love my mom.  If you love your mom fwd this to 20 people. One girl didn’t and her mom died 365 days later.

I’ve assured the Princess before that nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t forward a chain letter.  Nothing good will happen if you do.  No one will send you money.  You won’t die of some weird malady.  They are inert.  They will cause nothing, good or bad, to happen.

Holding my phone the idea occurred to me that the Princess understood, in a way that a lot of kids her age don’t, that Moms aren’t forever. She saw the slow decline of my Mom.  She saw the pain and the tears.  She sees the pain I still feel as I struggle to cope four years after the fact.  She still misses Gran and she’ll continue to until the memories she have fade further and further away.

When I was a little girl, I never walked on a crack.  I knew the old addage was just a joke.  A simple nursery rhyme, but I walked carefully, navigating sidewalk cracks to keep my Mom safe.

And so, the Princess forwarded a text.  She knew that it would come to nothing, but why take the chance?  Moms can go away and not come back.  Even if it meant nothing, she couldn’t take the risk.  She forwarded.



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      You’re right. And I was the same way, except we didn’t have e-mail and text chain letters. My Mom had to have the healthiest back on the planet. ;)

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