March 1, 2011

February Books

Things I am really good at:
1) deciding to read the longest books ever.

After Anna Karenina and February, I’m thinking deciding to read The Longest Books Ever has turned into a talent and a skill.  Yes, two of February’s books topped 700 pages.  But, thanks to throwing in a couple of shorties I managed to average a book of weak (leaving me only two books behind in my 52 books a year goal).

After the toil of Anna Karenina I found February’s reading to be fun.  Easy.  Fast.  I was able, for a few days, to return to my pre-kids reading pace and burn through chapter after chapter.

But it meant I stayed up until 2 a.m.  Problematic when your baby gets up at 7 no matter what time she or you go to bed, but it felt good to be so into a book that reading it was more important than sleep and sleep?  It’s REALLY important around here.

Even better, I LOVED two of the four books I read this month (and liked the two others.   Of course, I never read a book I don’t like.  I have a hundred page rule).

I don’t think I would have opted to read The Thousand Autumns of Jacob deZoot on my own.  It was well regarded, but the premise sounded…well..boring.  However, I was hooked by the first chapter when we’re introduced to the midwife Orita and while it wasn’t an overly fast read, I was engaged.

Alice I Have Been and The Passage were two books that I wouldn’t be surprised making my top five of the year list.  They were THAT good.  You can read a bit more about my thoughts on these books of my Books-2011 page as well as at my Good Reads profile. (Are you on good reads?  Are we friends?).  Both books are vastly different, but were similar in that I couldn’t read them fast enough and I got a serious case of book hangover.  I LOVE that feeling and I love that two of my four reads this month caused it.

What did you read this month?  Did you find any new favorites?

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