March 23, 2011

First Hike of the Season

Big Daddy and I have another goal for this year.  That goal is to get out and take more hikes as a family.  It’s something we all love to do and even Baby Bee is old enough to walk on her own this year.  Since the weather last weekend was finally nice enough to get out of the house and the ground was dry enough to make sure we weren’t trying to hike through a mud bog, we headed out to one of our favorite locations for our first hike of the year, Hell’s Hollow.

It was sunny and a little windy, but we couldn’t wait to be out.  We forgot Baby Bee’s backpack, so she had to walk.  She didn’t mind.  She was so excited to stretch her little legs that we couldn’t even get her to stop for a few photo ops.

The last few times we went out, there was much less water in the creek, but today there was a lot and there were tons of little pools and falls all over the place

When we got to the fall itself, we noticed some pretty cool ice formations among the cliffs.  I think finding those was my favorite part of the walk, because it’s not something we’d have seen in any of our other trips and won’t see it again as it warms up.

There was a ton of water going over the falls today.  IN the past, we’d be able to pick our way around the fall area, but it was just too deep (and cold!) today.  You can see more of the ice formations on the cliffs behind the falls in this picture as well.


Before we started back, I got a picture of the girls inside the old limestone kiln that sits near the falls.

We’ve hiked one mile this year–even the baby.

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