March 22, 2011

It’s nearly time!

Summer seems so far away, doesn’t it? But, it’s time to look ahead to summery things, especially if you’re planning on joining a CSA this year OR planting your own veggies from seeds.

We joined a CSA for the first time last year and it was a great experience for us. Not only did we get the feel good points for supporting local farmers who are growing organically and sustainably, BUT we had the added benefit of trying so many new things. Rhubarb? Kale? Wild blueberries (store bought blueberries do NOT come close), tiny little strawberries still warm from the sun that tasted like a hundred store bought strawberries condensed into to one, tiny perfect fruit. Garlic scapes and celeriac.

Rustic pie with Kale pesto

Why does a CSA matter now? Shares sell out early and this is the time to subscribe. You can find a CSA near you by visiting Local Harvest. We’re ordering a half share this year because we’re putting in a garden.

Not much of a garden. A raised bed. We’ll be growing two types of tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, lettuce and melon. And asparagus. Why does this matter now? If you’re in Zone 5 it’s time to start your seeds. If you’re in a warmer zone, you’re really in crunch time to get those seeds started in time for spring planting.

We have little cups with seeds tucked inside covering the kitchen window sill and lining the laundry room. I keep peeking into them to see what’s sprouted, but it’s only been two weeks so the answer is NOTHING has sprouted YET.

We’ve decided to do heirloom seeds and there are a lot of websites you can order heirloom seeds from. We ordered from Annie’s Heirloom Seeds from Michigan, but a quick google search will net you a lot of results. Seed will even send you plants. Why heirloom plants? Here’s a link that might help you understand why heirloom seeds are important.

So, even though it might be gloomy and gray, it’s time to think about summer. Plan your garden and order your seeds. Summer is just around the corner. I promise.

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    You make me so happy! I’m looking into CSAs for our family.

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    I’m so lazy… my dad is starting my seeds for me this year (tomatoes and peppers – the bulk of what our garden will be this year). John wants corn again, but that’s just so much work.

    To be honest, we grew melon once. You should try to find a spot in the ground to plant that because it literally grows like a weed. One plant could take over your entire box.

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