March 17, 2011


With the tragedies occurring in Japan and the atrocities occurring  in different places around the world, today on this holiday I don’t celebrate, I just feel lucky.

Lucky that we woke up this morning in good health (minus the colds, of course).  Lucky that my husband doesn’t work at a job that puts him in harms way.  Lucky my husband is a good person who acts and treats us like he loves us.

Lucky that food and water weren’t in short supply and that I could make frivolous things for dinner.  That I could theme it.  Lucky to have that choice.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but I realized that, today, with three little kids and no desire to hit the bar or to disrupt the house to make it look like  Leprechaun trashed the joint, that wasn’t anything wrong with feeling lucky.

And making rainbow cupcakes because I could.


Vanilla cupcake recipe from Joy the Baker

Whipped Cream Cream Cheese frosting from All Recipes.



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