March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-2011 Week 10

Waiting for spring.

Consideirng building an ark.

Realizing we’d need another dog or something to pull that off.

Not interested in that.

Let’s say we kayak??

I’m so excited that we turn the clocks ahead this week. I don’t care about the hour sleep we’re losing, I’m just thrilled it will be light until 7.¬† It’s still cold this week, so grilling and smoking will have to wait and we’ll focus on comfort foods a little while longer.


Chicken, sausage and mushrom casserole , salad and homemade ranch dressing


Beef and Broccoli with garlic sauce with low carb sesame noodles


Beef Patties with Mustard Cream Sauce, crash hot potatoes and veggies


Garlic Cheddar Chicken¬† and Briami.¬† No judging if you haven’t tried it!!


Dinner out–TBD


Steaks on the grill, foil potatoes and roasted veggies


Chicken Fried Steak, cauliflower augratin

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