March 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-2011 Week 11

First it snows and then it rains. Then it’s 30 and then it’s 50 and then it’s 30 again and I get a migraine, because Mother Nature is being seriously fickle.  The ground is squishy and the Princess got her boot sucked off when she went out to fill the bird feeder.  Oh spring, SPRING where ARE YOU?

This week, it’s only supposed to shuffle back and forth between 40 and 50, so maybe the vice like squeezing and pop-my-eyes out sinus pressure will ebb.

Plus, won’t it be nice to grill?  Or use the smoker again?  The answer to that is YES.


Knitting night

Asian Pork and Cabbage slaw with Sesame noodles


Baked chicken with sun dried tomato sauce, artichokes au gratin and salad


Grilled meatball kebabs with couscous (we’ll be making ours with ground turkey)


Baton practice for the Princess

Corned beef, potatoes and carrots.  Isn’t that what everyone is eating?



Bbq pork sammies with cole slaw, baked beans and veggies


Grilled steaks, creamy cheese grits and asparagus

What’s on your menu this week?  Anything great you’d like to share?

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