March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-2011 Week 12

Okay, so nobody get too excited, but the calendar and the weather agree.  IT’S FINALLY SPRING!!  We’ve had the windows open.  We’ve worn capris.  We’ve gone on a hike (check out my picture on Wednesday).  After a long winter with lots of snow, we’ve finally made it to the other side.    We’ve been playing outside, making chalk drawings, sploshing through mud and cleaning up the debris from winter.

Big Daddy has even started working on the Model A.

I’m tired of heavy winter food.  I’m ready for the lighter fare of spring.  This week’s menu reflects that.


Spring Asparagus and Lemon Fettuccine with grilled chicken


Crustless Spinach Quiche, fruit and ham steak


Cheese Enchiladas with fiesta salad (this is a Fresh Express salad kit and I LOVE pairing it with Mexican dishes)


baton night

Greek Chicken with Lemon Couscous


Mom doesn’t cook night


Chicken Panzella Sandwiches


Chicken Marsala with Pancetta and Cream, Aglio Olio and veggiest TBD


I hope spring is lovely in your neck of the woods this week.

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