March 18, 2011

Soda So Long

Well, except that I’d call it pop, but I couldn’t think of a witty title that included the word pop, so I went with soda.

I have anxiety.  I also chronically over breath.  Both of those things can cause heart palpitations.   Heart palpitations, while not abnormal nor dangerous can really make anxious people more anxious.  Anxious people are awesome like that, but there’s one more thing that causes me to have heart palpitations.





It matters not what brand so long as it’s caffeinated.

Small turtles will not save you from soda palpitations

See, at first I thought it was just over consuming caffeine in general that caused the palpitations.  I’d allow myself never to have more than one cup of coffee in a day.  I’d partner that with some pop, usually (I tried to limit it to a can, but no more than a 20 oz bottle).  If I “over consumed” meaning, usually, a cup of coffee and a 20 oz bottle of pop, I’d have heart palpitations the next day.  I figured it was just caffiene amounts in general.

But, for the last two weeks I’d gone without pop and a few days?  I drank two cups of coffee.  No palpitations.

Sunday, I drank a bottle of Pepsi.  Sweet, sweet Pepsi.  That night?  The next day?  You guessed it.  Heart palpitations.  No coffee was consumed Sunday.  Just that pop.  I realized what I had already guessed.  Something about the caffeine in pop gives me heart palpitations and heart palpitations give me anxiety.  Pepsi has less caffiene, overall, than the espresso I drink every day (and I don’t drink a shot.  I drink a mug), but something about the caffiene in pop affects me differently and the only choice is to cut it out.  Totally.  Because, I’m trying not to be crazy.

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    change is hard. I don’t think it is the caffeine that gives me shakes, I think it is the chemicals, especially in the diets. I have maybe 3 a year now. Christmas, Jim’s birthday and if I get sick.

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      Change is hard. This one won’t be too bad. I’m at the point where I drink so little all ready that making the step to none won’t be too bothersome. Now giving up coffee? That’s something else entirely.

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    Caffeine affects me in a similar, especially if I overindulge. My body is used to one standard size coffee a day…..any more and I get hyper and a little sketchy. I tried giving up full caf about a year ago, but it didn’t last very long.

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      It’s funny because I can handle a lot of caffeine. I drink two big mugs of espresso every day. But something about the quality of the caffeine in pop I can’t handle. It’s weird.

      I’m okay with it because it’s a lot of unneeded calories and even though I use some cream and agave nectar in my coffee, it’s a better choice.

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