March 15, 2011

What Happens at Nap Time-Feb 11 edition

I had a crafty month in February.  I didn’t manage to craft as much as I’d like, but considering I have three children, Big Daddy, Sausage McDog, Fatty McCat and Cruella Catville as well as the house to keep up with, I was pretty darn produtive.

This is what a sweet baby girl looks like after nap time. I love little ones after they wake up from their naps.  So sweet and warm and tousled.

You all know about my book wreath:

And the tissue paper flowers we made as double duty decorations for the Princess’s birthday party and that are now decorating the girls’ rooms.

I also made Littlebit’s class valentines-two sweet little heart shaped crayons per kiddo

I also made the invitations for the Princess’s birthday party (I might be in love with my cricut–as a note to those of you who were wondering if it was worth the cash).

Sorry for the off rotation.....

AND, I managed to sew some too…these projects are mostly repurposes.  The first is a skirt I had started for the Princess, but that she outgrew while I lingered as an unfinished object.  The waist is bulky, but Littlebit is rocking it, don’t you think?

This is another skirt that the Princess outgrew, but I knew it was right up Littlebit’s semi-Punky Brewsterish alley…

Well, maybe ALL the way Punky Brewsterish

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2 thoughts on “What Happens at Nap Time-Feb 11 edition

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    WOW you are one busy momma…I love all the little projects you’ve been working on. I’ve recently started sewing again and can’t believe I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!
    amber :)

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      Thanks, Amber. I love being crafty. It makes me feel very zen. I LOVE sewing. I’m working on nightgowns for all the girls now and I’m thinking pillowcase dresses are coming next.

      Thanks for the visit. :)

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