April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-2011 Week 15

It seems like we have finally made it to spring.  Yesterday, between hockey games, Big Daddy and the girls and me spent plenty of time playing out in the sunshine.  Big Daddy and I have been planning our garden and landscaping.  I really feel as though my soul is being refreshed.  The warm air is blowing in through the windows and the grass is turning green.

We’re having a use it up week here.  I seem to get behind a little bit, sometimes, and we end up with a bunch of left over meals.



Chicken cesar salad with pizza quick bread


Turkey smoked sausage with veggies


My grandpa was kind enough to buy us some some sausage from a local Bavarian club.  They’re fresh and I can’t wait to eat them


Oven baked chicken thighs, veggies and potatoes


Mama doesn’t cook

Saturday and Sunday

We have some other plans and won’t be eating at home, though we may find time for a cook out either night.

I hope spring has finally found you this week and you’re soaking up the sun too!

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday-2011 Week 15

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    Thanks for sharing!! I love meal planning! Hadn’t figured this week’s out yet – I’m behind. We did caesar salad and pizza quick bread for the first time last week; went over pretty well! I’m thinking tacos with corn tortillas, beef stew and irish soda bread and maybe parmesan breaded chicken this week… :)

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      Your menu sounds pretty good. The Caesar salad with the pizza bread was really, really good. Even though it DID take an hour to put together and bake, it was still quick and easy.

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