April 6, 2011

What Happens at Naptime-March Edition

Sometimes, putting Baby Bee to sleep so I can have some time to myself means laying on the floor, patting her back and holding her hand through the crib rails.  Eventually, her eyelids grow heavy and I can escape to the playroom where my craft desk is set up.  This is what it looks like from that spot on the floor (I use her Pillow Pet as a pillow).

I’m so happy to have been able to complete six sewing projects this month.  That’s a LOT for me.  First, everyone got monkey night gowns…

One in little girl

One in medium girl.

One in big girl.

This nightie is very obviously a peasant top lengthened into a night gown.  It’s such a versatile pattern (as I’ve said a dozen times) and doesn’t actually require a pattern, which makes it even BETTER.  My formula for determining chest/top/dress width is 1.5xchest width divided by two.  So, if your little one has a 20 inch chest, you’d multiply it by 1.5 and then divide it by 2 to get a panel width of 15 inches for he front and 15 inches for the back.

I also made my first round of summer dresses this month.  The Princess’s is pre-smocked material.  These are, quite simply, the easiest dresses to sew and if you’re just starting out THIS is REALLY the project for you.    It’s straight stitching and the result is a cute, easy to wear dress.

I also made two round neck dresses for the two little girls.  In matching fabric.  The fabric is a gorgeous organic cotton from Cloud 9 and the pattern is the Round Neck Top from That Darn Kat. It’s another easy to sew project, but defiantly requires more skill than the dress made for the Princess.  It also requires button holes.


My buttonhole attachment would NOT work, so I used a you tube video and made my own button holes without it.  Honestly, the you tube process is easier than the button hole attachment, so I’m not that sad.


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4 thoughts on “What Happens at Naptime-March Edition

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    Can you be my mom? Even just for a week? I wish I had a quarter of your “craftiness” :)

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      Yes. You can come stay in the playroom and I will make you a monkey nightie too. ;)

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    holy cow – 6 projects? That’s impressive. I’m lucky if I finish 2 sewing projects a year.

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      I will have to do a post on my current fabric “situation” which is why I need to sew more than a few projects a year. Of course, I could stop buying fabric…..

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