May 25, 2011

89 days of Summer Vacation

There are only six more days left of the Princess’s school year and only five more for Littlebit and even though Mother Nature is being a bit of a drag and delaying any weather that resembles summer, I’m already making our summer plans. Even though I’m 34 and languid school-free summers are a thing of the past, I’m always on the quest for the perfect summer.

Are you making plans? Here’s asmall list of what we’ll be doing with some links to help you plan your own summer of awesome

1)Hitting up a local amusement park

2) Camping locally

3) Visiting farmer’s markets

4) Spending time in my FAVORITE city

5) Visting another National Park

6) Going to Chuck E Cheese for uncrowded, game playing (but no icky food) extravaganzas! (It sounds crazy, but the kids and I LOVE playing the games and if you go on weekdays before dinner time it’s not busy at all)

7) Checking out an indoor playground on a rainy day

8) Attending outdoor concerts

9) Joining the Summer Reading Program at our local library

10) Visiting a local zoo or animal park

11) Going to a minor league ball game (Or, Major League.  We may be so inclined)

12) Visiting the city pool  and having swim lessons

13) Playground time!

14) Hikes!  Lots and lots of hikes!

15) a weekend mini-vacation or two


There are tons of other lists populating the Internet with summer ideas and they reminded me of some things I wanted to last year, but didn’t.

I can’t wait for Summer! (But come, the end of July, I’ll be read for school to be back in session).


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