May 17, 2011

It Started in the Garden

We put in our garden on Mother’s Day.  Something we’d always wanted, but until this house had no room for.  Last week, as I moved around our house, cleaning and organizing I was composing a post in my head about our garden, when it suddenly struck me that our garden was more than just a garden.  It was another step on the path towards the home that I’ve always wanted.

Our home will be a place where you feel comfortable when you walk in.  You put your feet up on the couch when you sit down.  Not because you’re rude, but because it feels like you should.  You feel at home here, even if you’ve never been here before.

And in the back, there’s a garden where you can always help yourself.  It’s full of yummy things to eat and on hot summer days, you can wander out and pick a tomato to have for lunch, or have strawberries for a snack while you play with the kiddos.

There are bright, comfortable chairs to sit in.  You want to sit there.  You want to spend hours on the porch where the fountain will bubble and the flowers are blooming.

The garden is the next step to my house being that place.  Beautiful and comfortable and comforting.

What I really wanted to talk about was planing little tomato plants and sewing seeds, but it inadvertently became something different.  Something I like a lot better.

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2 thoughts on “It Started in the Garden

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    Love it! A home is definitely the place to put up your feet.

    The price of tomatoes is enough to make me want to start planting. Our next growing season doesn’t start until late August, though. I’d love to make it a project the kids can get into.

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      My kiddos really seem to like the gardening process. I can even get the big one to weed (of course, I pay her but it’s SOOO worth it). I read a great article about planing things that were expensive to buy and I think we’ve done a good job of that.

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