May 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-2011 week 19

I hope you had a spectacular weekend.   Big Daddy and the girls spoiled me for Mother’s Day and we put in our very first garden.  I can’t wait to cook with the bounty of tomatoes, peppers and beans I hope are coming our way in a few months.  68 days until we should have fresh carrots.  Littlebit and I pinched the buds off of our strawberry plants before tucking them into their dirt beds and my porch planter is full of fresh herbs. We’ve sewed seeds (including morning glories and sun flowers).    Big Daddy worked super hard to help get it done and I’m overjoyed.

We have a super busy week ahead of us, so the menu plan will be pretty truncated this week.  Also, I’m visiting my stumble upon favorites for recipes this week.


Tortellini with grape tomatoes and grilled chicken


Tomato pie and green salad with crusty bread


Cheesy pizza quick bread, green salad and grilled Italian chicken breasts


on the go


on the go


on the go


on the go

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