May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 2011-Week 21

Can you believe that in a little more of a week, we’ll have lived in our new house, in our town in, in our own state for a year!  While, there’s a post about that in here somewhere, it meant it was time to readdress my freezer.

Last summer, our chest freezer died.  In the summer.  With meat in it.  In the summer.  When we were gone for a weekend.  In the summer.  Yeah.  Ewwww.  Our in the house freezer is crammed full of stuff and I decided it was time to make lemonade and clear out the freezer.  To eat up the things we’ve been amassing in there.  Do you do that from time to time?  Clean up  and clean out?  Our pantry should probably be next, but I can really only handle one of them at a time.



Garlic Cheddar chicken Pasta Salad with Creamy Chive dressing and veggies of some sort. I know I make Garlic cheddar chicken a lot, but it really is THAT good.  Have you made it yet?   If not, you should.  I also substitute panko for the bread crumbs and it’s just as good if not better.  Really.  I also reduce the amount of butter and cheese.  It’s still delicious, but more healthy.



Grilled Mahi Mahi (with chicken nuggets for the two fish adverse children), grilled veggies and couscous



Grilled Turkey Burgers and Tex-Mex Sweet and Red Potato Salad



Turkey Pilaf with chick pea flour flat bread



Dinner out!

Smoked spare ribs (Big Daddy’s special recipe), watermelon and corn on the cob



Locally made, German sausage (boiled in a good Irish beer, of course ;), foil potatoes and watermelon


Hey, it’s almost Memorial Day!  What’s your favorite grilling recipe?  We’re always looking for something yummy we haven’t tried.

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