May 27, 2011


It’s been a while, right?

Stumble Upon just hasn’t been giving me the same magic as before and I was foundering because there just wasn’t enough good stuff saved in my favorites to make a post.  And that’s when Pinterest showed up on the scene.  Visual.  With lots of beautiful things being shared all the time.  But, I had to wait in the queue for an invite, until I begged appealed to a friend and she invited me and now i’m happy because is Pinterest easy to use, and fun from a social media perspective, it’s visually GORGEOUS.

You can click on the picture, and it will give you the coordinating information about what I’m sharing.  Cool, right?


Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

This is super relevent after this week’s post about 89 days of Summer Vacation. There are a few ideas here that I’d not thought of AND it’s together in a cute, check list format that you could hang anywhere or keep in your car, so you can squeeze in all the summer fun you’d hope to have when it was still hardly spring.


Big Daddy and I need some porch furniture and I love this idea of using something re purposed to make something AMAZING. AND, I’m pretty sure I can get wood palettes for cheap/free (which is where I’ll make up for what it will cost me to make the cushions)

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest





Right now? I have a white board. I might throw that away today…

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest


Hoping we have a glorious bounty of garden ripe tomatoes so we can make lots of these this summer!


Not your typical garden lighting (but anyone could make it).


Rainy day project? I’m thinking YES!

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    You’re just making me stay up later checking out all those amazing things.

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      Pinterest may be the death of me, Holly. LOL!

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