June 21, 2011

Baby Bee’s Second Birthday Party

It was a very pink party.  Minnie Mouse inspired.  She’s Baby Bee’s favorite.

In the end, I found very little Minnie things I liked, just this giant balloon and some ears on a headband.


I made things, because I love to (ruffled streamer tutorial can be found here and you can read up on how to make tissue paper pompoms here)

We had cake and the kids played and played and played despite the humidity and the water table wasn’t even the most popular thing to do.

The kids liked all of our pink cars the best.  If I were still a kid, they’d be my favorite too.

There’s something wonderful about people from all walks of your life coming together to celebrate your baby. I was stressed out about the full house (or garage) and mountains of food and dozen goodie bags and rental chairs, but in the end, I was just touched.  Happy.  That people made time and traveled and sat in the humidity for her.

And, it also touches my heart that Big Daddy sings Happy Birthday to her with such gusto.  He really is a Prince Charming.


And Baby Bee had a wonderful time.  She played outside.  She ran.  She splashed.  She bounced.  She jumped.  She ate nothing but potato chips.  For her?  It was wonderful.



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2 thoughts on “Baby Bee’s Second Birthday Party

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    Cute and fun! Happy birthday to her!

    I was thinking about making some of those tissue paper balls for my own baby’s birthday party, this coming Saturday.

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      Thanks, Holly.

      I’m making the tissue paper poms for everything I can come up with. They’re so easy and inexpensive and they really look neat too.

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