June 6, 2011

It’s been one year

One year ago today, in the early morning hours, we rose from sleeping on our living room floor, packed up the kids, the cats, the turtle, the hamster and the dog, locked the door and said goodbye.

I took one last walk through the house alone with Big Daddy after everyone was secure inside.  I felt a rush of sadness because we’d grown so much and become so different in the house.  Littlebit and Baby Bee had come home as infants to that house and we’d soaked the walls and the floors and the windows with the joy and love and pain and sadness and worry we’d spent there.  And while, I had that rush of sadness because I was leaving the place where my babies were TRULY babies, I didn’t shed any tears.  The time had come.   We’d outstayed our welcome in the little house and it was time to go.

When we arrived here, in our new place, there was a welcome home sign hanging from the garage and my family was waiting to unload the truck.  They made quick work of job that had taken Big Daddy and me a day and a half.  After the long, long drive, the faces of my family seemed like an oasis.  We were REALLY home.

I had some worries.  It was such a small town.  I worried, a bit, about the schools and the shopping and the opportunities for the girls, but after one whole year, I have no worries anymore.

I shop less. And every place I could want to shop is really only a twenty minute drive.

The schools have been great for our two girls and the services and help Littlebit is getting for problems we didn’t even know she had one year ago, has been tremendous.  The Princess pulled all A’s and got awards in nearly all of her classes.  She’s making friends.  Her phone blips with text messages.

It is a short 4.5 hour drive to Michigan which means it’s easier to see my Dad and brother and sister.  It makes it easier for Littlebit and Baby Bee to commune with their cousins who are close in age.

And our house?  It’s not our dream house YET, but the bones and the ability to write the stories are here.  We’re taking baby steps forward to help it be the place we want and it’s not disappointing us.  The plants are growing in the garden and Big Daddy and the girls watch summer storms from the front porch.  We make messes in the playroom that I couldn’t give less thought to and there’s more than enough room to run and play, to ride bikes and roller skate, to fill the driveway with chalk drawings and to play basketball on warm summer evenings.

Our stress has floated away and while we still have some concern over our old house which is now a rental, though not really by our choice, things just seem a little rosier here.  We seem a little happier.  Big Daddy gets to spend a little more time with us as a family.  The commute to a good preschool is just a little bit shorter (okay, a LOT shorter).

Happy.  That’s really the best I can describe it.  This place makes us happy.

Right now, the girls are playing in the dining room.  The table is at full size because we have space.  The bright afternoon sunlight is streaming in.  For now, we’re happy.  Life is good.  Happy Anniversary, home.

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