June 15, 2011

Modern Farmhouse Bed. And it’s MINE!

Big Daddy and I used to have a bed that looked like this

I liked it.  It was pretty, but it was inexpensive and as is the case with inexpensive, mass produced furniture, it got scratched, dinged and gouged and started looking less than pretty.  I could live with all of that, but when we put it together when we arrived at our new house after the move we realized that the bed wasn’t in great structural shape.  We considered just leaving the mattresses on the floor, but I was over that idea and so we put the bed together and only one of us rolled over at a time.

A few weeks ago, we decided to flip the mattress and the entire bed fell apart.  We put it back together, but I knew our bed had seen its last and, besides, I’d been coveting this bed for some time:

Source: ana-white.com via Jamie on Pinterest

So, over Memorial Day weekend, Big Daddy and I made about a million trips to Home Depot and we built ourselves a bed.

I want to point out that Big Daddy and I don’t have wood working experience.   We’re novices and up close?  Our bed shows that.   It’s not perfect But it’s pretty and sturdy and it’s good and that’s enough for us.  I’m taking a page out of Nester’s book here, folks. Despite my own personal neurosis, I’m embracing “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”.  It’s not and it is.

Now, I need a pretty new duvet cover to go on my pretty new bed.  I’m leaning towards this organic matelasse duvet cover from West Elm in Feather Gray.

We worked on the bed for five days.  Not five days straight, just five days. Saturday we assembled.  Sunday we finished assembly and I painted.  I put a second coat of paint on the bed on Monday and did some distressing.  Wednesday we put 75% of the bed together and Sunday (after a trip to Michigan) we put on the bed rails.

This is our third Ana White project and the first we built on our own.  The Pottery Barn bed this bed was based off of costs $1199 plus $150 shipping.  This bed cost us about $600 INCLUDING buying a circular saw and drill.  Really.

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    It looks great in your photos. And I’m sure you’re the only ones that see all the imperfections in it.

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      Oh…you’d probably notice too, but I won’t point them out. I’m proud of us.

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