June 20, 2011

Strawberry Season (and the Menu Plan)


I remember eating strawberry freezer jam as a little girl and the signs are going up, locally, advertising that local strawberries are in. We planted strawberry plants this year, but we’ll only get a few and certainly not enough to make jam, so this week the girls and I will be hitting the local fruit stands for strawberries and we’ll be making jam.  I have even ordered a strawberry corer to go with it.  An adorable one, of course (it fulfills both the beautiful and useful ends of my new philosophy)

We didn’t manage to fit in a lot of cooking last week.  We changed things up a  couple of times and ate things that sounded good that day and weren’t planned.  Other days, we found ourselves over ran by party preparations, so I’m re-visitng a lot of last week’s plan for this week.


Monday Baked Creamy Chicken Tacquitos and Cilantro Lime Rice

Tuesday Gnocchi and Summer Vegetables with Garlic Bread

Wednesday Garlicky Lemon Pepper chicken with veggies and couscous

Thursday Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken with salad and rice

Friday-Dinner Out

Saturday-Smoked chicken, crash hot potatoes, veggies and cake for Baby Bee’s second birthday <sniff>

SundayRisotto primavera, grilled chicken breasts


I know people are starting to get their CSA shares.  Tell me what you got and what you’re cooking!

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    Huh, I didn’t even know such a thing as a strawberry corer existed. We love berries here. My son asked for some tonight — right after I put him to bed. I told him to wait until breakfast!

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