July 9, 2011

Dear Big Daddy,

When i was a little girl I wanted a fairy tale.  I wanted Prince Charming on a white horse.  I wanted happily ever after.  I wanted something perfect and beautiful, like the fairy tales I’d had read to me (and read myself  and hoped against hope that even some small shred of them would be true).

And then, there was you.  You are more than I ever believed was possible.  You are better than anything I could have ever imagined. You are better than any Prince Charming and even better?  You’re mine.

I couldn’t have chosen a better person or a better partner to share my life.

I couldn’t have found someone who knows me so well.  And it isn’t just the time.  It isn’t the dozen years we’ve spent together, happily.  Compatibly.  You understand me on a cellular level and in a way that no one else has.  You seen things in me that I cannot see nor believe in myself.

You are what I wish for when I think about the future of our girls.  That they find someone just like you.  Someone who isn’t afraid to love them.  Someone who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and pitch in.  Someone who is proud of the person they are and believes them capable of every thing.  Just like you do for me.

No fairy tale is this good.  No happily ever after this happy.  Thankful is too small of  a word.  So is grateful.  I can say it no better than to say I Love You.  Because it’s true and I do.

Happy Anniversary, sweet heart.

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