July 11, 2011

No Fail Omelets AND the Menu Plan

Summer is in full swing.  It’s been nearly 90 the past few days, so there’s no denying it.  The garden is growing (can’t wait to share pictures with you!) and we’re harvesting small amounts of food.  That we grew!  It’s exciting.  And Heirloom. And Organic.  For less money and some sweat.

Big Daddy and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary last weekend.  I’m insanely happy to be married to him.  Our plan for the day was simple.  We didn’t have a sitter, so we kept things family oriented.  My plan was to make omelets for breakfast, but time got away from us and we went out to our favorite place instead.  BUT, I’d promised omelet’s and Big Daddy assures me that these are just as good as anything we can get going out.  Maybe even better.  They are no fail, perfect every time AND made to order.

Are you familiar with Cook’s Country?  If not, I encourage you to tune into your PBS station and check them out.  They work out how to make the best and, as far as we can tell, they’re spot on.  Our favorite bbq dry rub and sauce comes from Cook’s Country and this omelet recipe does as well.  THe secret is an oven proof skillet and starting the omelet on the stove and finishing it in the oven.  You can find the recipe and instructions over at Food.com You can also find it Cook’s Country’s website, however, the registration is only free for a short period of time.  Then you have to pay.  Thankfully, you can usually find the recipes elsewhere.  Is that immoral?  Not sure.

My suggestion, is to make your filling first.  We sauteed red bell peppers and sweet onions for this weekend’s breakfast.  I also omit the cream.  I just can’t tell a difference with it or without it.  I whip the eggs on high in my stand mixer until they’re supper fluffy/foamy.  OH, and don’t forget and grab the hot skillet handle when it comes out of the oven. It’s second nature, but it BURNS!  Also, be liberal with the butter when coating your pan. I use 1 to 1.5 tsp and swirl the butter around carefully to ensure I’ve coated the entire bottom and up the sides as far as I can reach.

Don’t have time to make a big breakfast in the morning?  These would be GREAT for brinner too.


More menu plans at Orgjunkie.com


Monday  Rosemary grilled pork chops with potatoes and zucchini

Tuesday Ravioli with Lemon-Chive sauce

Wednesday Turkey Enchilada Casserole, Creamy Corn

Thursday Grilled Chicken with Roasted Broccoli

Friday Dinner out

Saturday Big Daddy informs me that we’re having Brisket.  Which is MORE than fine with me.


Happy Monday!


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