July 12, 2011

So THAT’S what Moderate Means

Early this year, I wrote about a hike that we took together.  And we loved it.  From the top on down to the bottom.  The girls LOVED being out and walking in the woods and so did Big Daddy and I.  We’ve been trying hard to be more healthy and part of that is being more active and even though I’m NOT a fan of the hot and humid summer weather, I’ve been climbing on board.

This past weekend, we decided to check out another trail (I want to take a second and encourage you to download the All Trails app if you have an iPhone.  It’s easy to use and you can find ALL of your local trails and they’ll tell you the skill level needed, how long, the elevation change, etc.  Totally worth the search and the download) near our old favorite.  It was rated as 3.5 moderate miles and we said why not?  Moderate sounded like something we could do.

Turns out, we’re still easy trail people.

Baby Bee was not bothered by the trail.  She liked it.  She leaned her head on Big Daddy’s shoulder and watched the ground passing by.

And, I’m not sure Big Daddy was that bothered.  He might have been, but he’s not a whiner like me.  And The Princess?  Loved it.

But after .8 pretty rough miles, we opted to cut the hike a full two miles short and take the paved road back to the car.  Where we turned the air conditioning down to 60 and drank water by the bottle.

We’re not discouraged.  In fact, my goal for us to be able to complete that 3.5 miles by the end of summer.  But for now, we’re stick to the trails rated easy while we build our skills.  Oh, and I think we might all need different shoes.

Okay, this picture makes this trail look easy and you’re probably wondering what the heck?  I assure you, this picture is NOT representative of the entire thing.

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