August 28, 2011

Last Week of Funner-Backyard Camping

In 2009, we had  a six week old infant.  And we tent camped.

I’m pretty sure I was crazy.  I remember holding brand new Baby Bee on the chair, watching the Princess and Big Daddy set the tent up and wondering what the hell I was thinking.  It might have been insane, but had a lot of fun.

And, we have not been camping since.  I’ve wanted to go both summers since then, but time just always seems so scarce and when we have a free weekend we often times opt to spend it at home.  I realized a few weeks ago, that summer was winding to a close and it meant ANOTHER summer with no camping.

And that wasn’t going to happen.

So, Big Daddy and I completed a little project that was on our to-do list…

And we hauled the tent up from the basement…

and we had a camp out in our very own backyard.

It wasn’t the world’s most beautiful location and we’ve definitely  spent night away from our own beds in prettier places, but the girls were so excited and I finally got to mark “camping out” off my summer to-do list.

Dinner was hot dogs cooked over an open fire and we had smores for dessert (and my cousin’s very excellent girlfriend bought a HUGE bowl of Kluski and it was delicious!).  We had drinks and talked and laughed.

And Baby Bee was FASCINATED by the fire.

It was just the right ending to summer.

I know most people consider Labor Day the end of Summer and the first day of fall isn’t until September 23rd, but the Princess goes back to school on Tuesday, so our long, languid summer days, loose schedule and late bedtimes are over.  Until next June.

Thanks summer.  I think we managed to do it all. (but I’m sorry to say I won’t miss you that much, because Fall is just around the corner and I’ve already declared her my favorite)



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