August 25, 2011

Last Week of Funner-Family Movie Night-School of Rock

We haven’t done the family movie night thing this summer, so I deciced when planning out our Last Week of Funner activities, that we had to do a movie night and I wanted it to be school themed.  I immediately landed on School of Rock starring Jack Black.

And then went to town planning out a school themed evening of fun.

We decided to make pencil toppers and book marks as crafts.  I can’t link you to the original site for the book marks.  They’ve been floating around Pinterest and I made a mental note that they’d be fun to make.

I had no paper clips and all we could find at the craft store were teal, so we opted to buy matching ribbons, but the best thing about them is that most people probably DO have paper clips and if you’re crafty, I bet you have ribbon scraps.  If you can’t tell how to make them from the picture (and I bet you can), here’s a link to some instructions, but they really are the easiest things ever and are super cute, too.

I had found a few sites that linked to making your own pencil toppers and that was my plan when we showed up at the craft store.  However, I found a make your own pencil topper KIT and decided it would take less time and effort to buy the kit.

The toppers are adorable.  If you want to make your own toppers, I found these adorable foam ideas as well as some super cute felt ideas.

Dinner?  Why, of course it had to be quintessential lunch food and I settled on Sloppy Toms, tater tots and corn.

And for dessert?

Well, we were supposed to have adorable oreo truffles dipped in chocolate and made to look like apples.  LIke this!



They did NOT turn out like that. The chocolate wouldn’t melt and just turned grainy and stiff. The truffles tasted fine, though they were no where NEAR spectacular and I’m pretty much not posting a picutre of our little brown balls with a pretzel stuck into the top. Pretend mine looked like the one up there. ;)  Becuase what they really looked like where brown balls of poo with pretzels.  Which aren’t attractive.  I tried to dye white melting chocolate red, so I’m wondering if that changed the composition of it.  It’s possible.  The kids and Big Daddy liked them. I thought they were too rich and decided I’d just rather eat a darn oreo.


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    That’s what I was talking about! Thanks for sharing. Pretty awesome!

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      Thanks, Jenny. It WAS a good time.

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