August 23, 2011

Last Week of Funner

Despite my identity crisis, the girls, Big Daddy and I had a really great summer this year. I think I managed to finally get the balance right. Enough activities to keep the girls from getting bored, but not so many that I was exhausted (well, except for the end of July/beginning of August, but sometimes new babies and weddings happen at the same time, so you throw your plans away and celebrate, because it’s worth it).

Yesterday, we made paper chain count downs to the first day of school. Littlebit’s is longer, because she goes back a week after the Princess.

We’ve bought clothes and shoes and backpacks and pencils and paper.  We’ve gotten new haircuts.  I’ve made a few, special plans to tie up the end of summer (henceforth known as Funner) to share with my girls and, overall, with you.

What are you doing to celebrate the last few days of summer vacation?

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    I love the idea of “Funner.” Genius!

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      Thanks, Holly. Summer does seem funner, so even though it’s a grammatical mess, I thought it worked.

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