August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday-The Last Week of Summer Vacation

How’s your garden?

Ours was a bit of a learning experience.  The plants we thought would be duds are producing in spades and the plants we thought would produce in spades were duds.  Also, we didn’t know you had to be so proactive with picking your lettuce and spinach and, sadly, ours all went to seed.  We’ll do better next year, for sure.

In addition, our large tomato plants were swallowed up by our cherry tomato plants and they’re not really producing well either, so my dreams of tomato pies and tomato sandwiches and tomatoes with a side of tomatoes haven’t come to pass.  We’ll work on that for next year.


Additionally after some talking, Big Daddy and I have decided we’re going to give a modified Once a Month cooking system a try.  We’re looking to improve our spending a little bit and grocery spending eats up a TON of money.  Lately, I’ve been planning our menu in accord with what I thought I felt like eating with no regard to cost or sales.  We can afford it,but we can do a lot better.

I’m not ever going to be one of those coupony people.  It’s not going to happen for me.  It takes too long, it requires too much organization and despite people insisting other wise the big deals (and therefore the big money savers) are on processed foods that we don’t eat. Once a Month cooking works so well for us because our food costs go down AND with dinner already prepared in the freezer we’re less likely to eat out when things get hectic.

I love the plans at Once A Month Mom, however, I’ll be picking and choosing from her variety of menus to better suit us.  For example, I like the breakfast options she’s including with this month’s Whole Food plan because we’ll like them better.  That means, I’ll be making my own grocery list which makes the process a little more difficult.  I’ll also be cooking 3 breakfast options, 3 lunch options and 8 dinner options which we’ll repeat to give us 16 total dinners.  I’ll use four a week, allowing us the opportunity to “cook fresh” as well as eat out one night.

That was probably a ton of explaining.  I also, won’t be cooking in one big batch but will be doubling each of the meals as I cook it for the first time.

Anyhow, with no further ado I present the menu plan, for our last week of Funner.  :)

Monday 20 minute roasted tomato pasta (a Once a Month Mom recipe that I’ll be doubling for use later in the month), salad and garlic ciabatta bread

Tuesday Sloppy Toms, tater tots and corn. (This ties in to a special Last Week of Funner movie night we’ll be sharing later this week)

Wednesday Unstuffed Pepper Bake (a Once a Month Mom recipe that I’ll be doubling for use later in the month) and salad

Thursday Date night!  The girls will spend their last Funner Thursday with my Aunt, so Big Daddy and I will be taking a little advantage.

Friday Turkey dogs, grilled corn on the cob, potatoes and onions in foil and smores (Another Last week of Funner activity is taking place on this night as well)

Saturday-Spicy Stuffed BBQ Chicken Breasts (another Once a Mom recipe), Mac and Cheese and sugar snap peas

Sunday-Cook’s Illustrated Chicken Piccata (yes, I know this isn’t from Cook’s Illustrated’s site, but it is SO very good.  Really), Caprese pasta and salad

What’s on your menu for YOUR last week of Funner?

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3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday-The Last Week of Summer Vacation

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    I agree that couponing is not as great as people say if you don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I have tried and given up several times in the last two years. I’m like you, though, and would like to save a little more money on our food budget. However, I don’t have the freezer space right now to do the OAMM method of cooking. I wish I did. I used to do one of those meal prep plans where you’d go and do a month’s worth of food in an afternoon and then freeze it all to reheat and eat later. It was awesome, especially when I had an hour plus commute to/from work. Now, I’m fortunate enough to work at home so don’t have that issue to deal with anymore, just way-too-expensive food prices!
    I’ll be watching to see how your modified menu planning works – maybe you will inspire me to get on the ball for my family!

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      We don’t have a ton of freezer space, either. Our chest freezer died last summer and we haven’t replaced it. I am doubling as I cook to limit the amount of food ending up in the freezer. I’ll only have 8 meals in there come mid-month and then we’ll start eating from them. Last week’s grocery total was pretty big, but it will start decreasing a lot. I’m hoping it averages out to less. I’ll let you know. ;)

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