August 30, 2011

The Princess Goes Back to School

Sixth grade. SIXTH GRADE!

Sixth Grade??

How can my girl be in sixth grade? How can my baby be so far beyond preschool?

How can she be so much older than overalls and pigtails?

This summer, she walked in my brother’s wedding and she looked so grown up that my heart broke a little bit and I realized that there aren’t many weddings left for us to attend between now and hers.

And then, I admit it, my heart broke a lot and I had to to pinch my nose to keep from ugly crying at an inappropriate time.

Part of me is a little afraid to send her off to sixth grade. Oh, I know it’s at the same school with the same kids. She can unlock a combination lock and change classes and manage her schedule, but I remember back to my sixth grad year and I realize that she’s crossing the bridge away from childhood. It’s happening.

I’m not a fan.

I hope she has a fantastic year.

Good luck to all the kiddos heading out for their first day of school this week and in the days ahead.

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6 thoughts on “The Princess Goes Back to School

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    Egad. The difference between the first picture and the last one is simply too much.

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    I can’t believe how grown up she looks/is. Where has the time gone?

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    Oh… Mama… I saw Princess had turned into a butterfly the last time I visited!! So beautiful and grown up, yet so young and innocent. While time seems to fly, you have to sit back and realize what a great job you’ve done! Unfortunately, they don’t stay babies forever… but she’ll always be your baby!! Don’t be counting the weddings between now and then. Count the blessings!!

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    I know exactly, exactly exactly what you mean. She looks awesome and ready to take 6th grade’s butt!

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    Why do you always have to make me cry?

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      It’s not on purpose. But, I’m sure with your Big Boy being a similar age, you feel the same way. <3

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