September 21, 2011

Before and During…

One of the things I love the most about Big Daddy, is that we seem to get fed up with things around the same time.  This means, when I’ve had enough with a certain situation and want to change things, he usually feels the same way.

This month?  Big Daddy and I decided that we were tired of the downstairs flooring.

Big Daddy was over the entire thing. I was over the nasty, nasty carpet.  And, since we were sick of it at the same time, we decided to do something about it.

An intial estimate to repalce all of our downstairs flooring came in at SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Not happening.

But, we talked some and decided that Big Daddy could live with the ceramic tile in the foyer, kitchen, powder room and laundry room and that we’d replace the carpet (nasty NASTY carpet) with hardwood.  We found wood we liked a lot at a price we loved, so we ordered it and scheduled instalation.

AND because Big Daddy and I are on the same wave length in that regard, we decided that the office and dining room must be painted before the flooring was installed.


We had a pretty long tack list before the floor is installed because we’re tearing up the carpeting ourselves.

So, here we go.  Before….

Baseboards pulled up to be reinstalled after the new flooring goes in in a little less than two weeks

Tacky vertical blind all gone and wall holes patched

No more nasty, nasty carpet!

Paint before touch ups..


What’s left? Paint touch ups, flooring, new window treatment and wall art installation.

Rolling up our sleeves to dig into Big Daddy’s office.

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4 thoughts on “Before and During…

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    I love home improvement projects! I did a lot of painting this summer and it makes SUCH a difference. I wish I could replace the carpeting, but we’re in a rental right now so that would be a pretty silly thing to spend money on. Oh well!

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      Oh…the carpets.

      You know, I do like carpets in the living area in general. They’re more comfy. They’re softer to lay on and play on. But, with three kids, a dog and two cats, it seems like something disgusting is always going down on the carpet. Someone had an accident. Someone threw up. So, I’ll put down an area rug for playing and say so long to the carpet.

      You know, your landlord might be willing to work with you on your rent if you wanted to put in different flooring. We had some work done on an apartment we rented and, with the landlord’s approval, deducted the amount of work from our rent. Hard flooring would really be a selling/renting point. :)

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    Why does everything have to cost seventeen thousand dollars? LOL!

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      That was for laminate. Hard would would have cost Twenty ONe Thousand Dollars.

      Do you have any questions?

      Yes, floor dude, what did you smoke in your car on the way to our house?

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