September 5, 2011

Happy Long Weekend AND the Menu Plan

I love Labor Day.  It seems as though it’s the one time in summer where we don’t have anything much to do.  We sit around the house and do summery stuff.  We cook on the grill and, if weather permits, have a camp fire.

Saturday, Big Daddy smoked spare ribs for my birthday dinner.  Big Daddy knows his way around a smoker and his meat is drool inducing.   Sunday, we opted to grill a summer favorite, Grilled Chicken Brushetta and tonight we’re making smoked pizzas (we ran out of effective time on Friday night).

I love weekend where we have nothing to do.  No obligations except for the ones we make.

Monday Smoked pizzas.  I’m so excited to try these that I don’t really have words.

Tuesday Ravioli, Garlic Bread and Green Beans-Littlebit’s First Day of School pick

Wednesday-Sloppy Tom’s, sweet potato fries and salad*

Thursday-Unstuffed Pepper Bake*

Friday-Super special Littlebit Birthday plans

Saturday-Super Special Littlebit Birthday Plans

Sunday-Stuffed BBQ Chicken Bake, crash hot potatoes and salad*


*Hey!  We’re eating out of our freezer now.  All these meals were created earlier in the month

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