September 20, 2011

Just a Littlebit on top of the cake.

When I saw it, I knew she had to have it.  It was so perfect and so her.  Littlebit is a whimsical little girl and this SCREAMED whimsical.

And two layer homemade cake.



But I had to do it.  She had to have it because it was a small thing that just seem to encapsulate her.  There are times when you find things that just speak to you so strongly of your child that you must buy it or make it.  They just need to be joined together because you’ve managed to find some small things that seems to give words to how you feel and in this case this cake topper?  Was it.

The oringal artist lives in Ireland and sells her beautiful pin doll cake toppers on Etsy.  There was no time for me to order the topper and had it arrive, so I did the next best thing.  I played my crafty mama ace in the hole and made it for Littlebit.  Because she had to have it.

It was girlie and cute and funny and colorful and whimsical and adorable.  Just like my girl.  And I gave her brown hair and side swept bags and a cute  little crooked smile and a pink hairbow and she is my girl.

And it was perfect.  Even if I couldn’t get the fondant to stick and things were a little bit crooked.

Little Rainbow Littlebit now sits on Littlebit’s special belongings shelf, along with a picture of my mother and a little doll bought on a trip.  I think she senses their connection too, the little littlebit and she.

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4 thoughts on “Just a Littlebit on top of the cake.

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    How sweet! I love the rainbow doll’s John Travolta pose on top of the cake.

    And, for what it’s worth, my 5 year old daughter LOVES the rainbow doll …. she’s calling it a rainbow princess. :)

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      Rainbow Princess was trying to be Littbit Fab. Like..hand on the hip with a “ta da!”, but I do see the John Travolta pose. LOL! I’m pretty sure she could YMCA too.

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    That’s just adorable! I love the picture of her next to the cake. Could it be any cuter?!

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      Thank you. :) We think Littlebit (and her Rainbow doll doppelganger) are pretty adorable. ;)

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