September 14, 2011

Lofthouse Cookie Knockoffs

The Princess’s peanut allergy isn’t something I’ve talked about a lot here.  It’s not that it’s not an issue.  It is.  But as she grows older we get more and more in control and know how to make food choices that are safe for her.

Having a child with a food allergy means that everything simple involving food, is just a little bit harder.  Chocolate for Easter?  Trick or Treat Candy?  Bakery goodies?  Doughnuts?  There have been times when the Princess has had to skip out on cookies and birthday cake.

And she’s always had to miss out on Lofthouse Cookies.  Of course, Lofthouse cookies are some of the most attractive cookies you come across in the grocery store with their pale white cookiness and their bright frosting and sprinkles.  We’ve eaten them from time to time, but they were always a no-no for the Princess.

I’ve searched out a recipe for them in the past hoping to find something would be the same, but never had much success until…


Could it be? Could a real Lofthouse cookie knock off recipe have found it’s way to me via Pinterest? THere was only one thing to do.

Make a batch and since Littlebit would want to take birthday cookies with her to school, it seemed a perfect opportunity to kill a couple of birds with one stone.


(Have I told you that in the past few weeks we had two birds run into our patio door.  One died.  :(  The other flew off.  They were the same kind of bird.  I’m not sure what kind, but I think they’ll probably be extinct soon).

Recipe Notes:

Yes, they’re very close to Lofthouse cookies, but not quite as sweet.  I think that’s okay.  I don’t like things super sweet.

The recipe says to roll them to 1/2″ thick.  They mean it.  Thinner cut cookies taste fine, but lack the Lofthouse “cake” like texture that make them so different.


The frosting recipe called for FOUR cups of powdered sugar.


Maybe something is wrong with my taste buds because I tasted it after three and it was MORE than sweet enough.  I think that left the frosting with  a more buttery feel, but it tastes good and it’s not gross or anything.

Big Daddy agreed that the thicker, more cake-like cookies were very close to Lofthouse, so YAY!

The Princess loved them.  YAY!

I used a traditional metal cookie sheet and stoneware cookie sheet and found the stoneware didn’t create as good of a result.  The traditional, non-stick metal cookie sheet made the best cookies (7 minutes ONLY!  You do NOT want a brown cookie.  They should be a light golden color and only slightly more brown on the bottom.  They should NOT be crunchy!  But, cake-y and soft).

Sometimes, when life throws you a peanut allergy, you make cookies and things seem right with the world.

I’m joining Julie from Dutch Being Me in a 52 weeks of Pinterest Challenge.  Each week, I’ll be sharing a project I pinned and actually MADE that I discovered on Pinterest.  If you want to join up, there’s always time and Julie will be posting the official link up page on her blog.  A great way to see creativity in action!

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4 thoughts on “Lofthouse Cookie Knockoffs

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    I keep hearing and reading about Pinterest lately. I think it’s time I check it out. Thanks for sharing this knockoff recipe. Four cups of powdered sugar is scary! I’ll follow you and use only three.

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      If you need an invite, let me know. :)

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    Good for you! It’s great to find alternative foods for kids when they have allergies. My 5yo has a peanut allergy too, as you might know, but other allergies too.

    {Four cups of powdered sugar!}

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      Who eats four cups of powdered sugar? Obviously, I have an advanced palette.

      Actually, the fact that I don’t mind baking workis out for the Princess because everything is peanut safe.

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