September 26, 2011

“Soup”er menu plan

Big Daddy reads my blog.

So that makes this experiment less fun than it would be if he didn’t.

You see, last Friday?  it was the first day of Autumn.


My favorite time of year.

I already wrote about why I love fall so much, but I might not have mentioned how much I love that it becomes soup and stew weather and how much I love soup and stew.

So…this week, I’ll be making, and serving, five different soups.  I’m wondering how long it takes for the Fam’ to figure out what’s going on.


Lasagna soup from the Deen Brothers.


Guinness Beef Stew (one of the recipes considered a favorite.  You can find other favorite recipes, at my Favorite Recipes page.)


Four Way Cincinnati Chili


Quick and Easy Chicken Soup


Baked Potato Soup


Probably out


Another fall favorite, Caramel Apple Pork Chops.

What sorts of food do you  like to cook when the weather changes from summer to fall?

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